Plumbing Technician – (Helper)

The Plumbing Helper is expected to work under the leadership and development of the Plumbing Techs as assigned and designated by the ONE-CALL Service Division as it relates to the completion of work orders and individual skill development for the plumbing trade.

A- Technical Skills Required (Trade Skills and Performance)

  1. Develop the skills required to troubleshoot, diagnose, repair, inspect and maintain plumbing equipment including, but not limited to, faucets, lavatories, toilets, flush valves, sinks, water heaters, showers, drinking fountains, garbage disposals, backflow devices, valves, roof drains and water meters.
  2. Learn how to review building plans and specifications to determine the layout for plumbing and related materials
  3. Identify required tools and special equipment 4. Assure the completion of each plumbing work order assigned as it relates to diagnosis, scope, effective procedures, quality control, safety and efficiency and accurate repair.

B – Organizational Processes and Skills Required (Day to day Management Tasks)

  1. Assign and prioritize the work orders designated for the plumbing team in coordination with the Service Division and assure that:
    a. Scope and repair is completed correctly and in a timely manner.
    b. Work orders assigned are returned promptly once completed with detailed resolution reports, customer signature, updates, cost reports, man-hours and any other action steps clearly noted on the work order.
  2. Utilize as expected the technical tools made available to you and your team for communication, work order detail, follow-up and documentation for the following work-related tools:
    a. I-phone and I-pads – including job related apps, software and digital photos
    b. Smartsheet Software – daily work order logs, inspection docs and quote docs
    c. Email communication d. GPS and digital mapping
  3. Compile and submit plumbing quotes when requested in a timely manner based on accurate information regarding the scope, location, costs and schedule requirements.
  4. Remain open and available to after-hour and weekend calls when required.
  5. Attend meetings with Ranger Supervisors, Service Teams and Ranger Construction in general when requested.

Personal Responsibilities (Team Values)

  1. Arrive to team meetings, Ranger sponsored events and daily appointments on time and prepared.
  2. Strive to respond to teammates, leaders and customers with an attitude of flexibility, humility, service and excellence.
  3. Make an effort to cultivate an environment of ownership and unity as it relates to other trade teams, team members, staff and Ranger Construction in general.
  4. Remain available and respond promptly to teammates, leaders and customers.
  5. Strive to be proactive in recognizing potential problems, suggesting solutions and personally solving those problems when possible.
  6. Maintain an attitude that holds your job title and position on the team loosely and remain open to serving the needs of the customer, Service Team and Ranger Construction when requested.
  7. Remain open to input, personal development and professional training when suggested.

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